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VIDEO: This Surfing Recovery Is Beyond Belief

Honestly still wrapping my head around this surf clip from San Clemente, California.  How this dude was able to regain control seems...

Yellowstone Identifies Severed Foot Found In Hot Spring

Yellowstone National Park officials acknowledged back in August of this year that a severed foot had been discovered in Abyss Pool, located...

Toll Roads Are Coming To The Cottonwood Canyons

114 shares By Ian Wood | May 10, 2023 12:03 pm ET ...

Ross Tester Barely Avoids Disaster On Freeride World Tour (GoPro Video)

Ross Tester finished 14th at the Freeride World Tour event at Kicking Horse, but his recovery during a sketchy mistake is worth the...

Exploring The Impact Women From Maine Have Had On Mountain Sports

Quality little local news piece out of Maine exploring the impact women have had on the mountain sports throughout the ages. From Skadi,...