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VIDEO: Beaver Spotted Surfing Ice Chunk Down Wyoming River

In a prelude to April 7th’s International Beaver Day, here’s a quick clip of the world’s second-largest living rodent getting tubular on...

Hansi Hinterseer’s 1999 Hit “Ski-Twist” Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

There are a few internet gems that appear every few years, remind us of their glory for a few weeks, and disappear...

Great Sand Dunes National Park Is Expanding By 9,360 Acres

Great Sand Dunes National Park, located in Southern Colorado, is growing by about 9,362 acres after a deal transferred the land from...

Researchers Warn Of Potentially Massive Earthquakes In Colorado

On November 7th, 1882, reporters at the Rocky Mountain News in Denver were working on their election night articles when the ground...

Some International Snowsports Events Continue in Russia After Invasion of Ukraine

25th February 2022World Cup events are scheduled in ski cross and aerials, though some events have been called off. The  The International...