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Opposition to Asian Winter Games Being Held in Unbuilt Saudi Resort

9th October 2022The International Olympic Committee, National Ski Federations, athletes, Greenpeace and others have condemned the  move. Mostly on environmental grounds, and...

China Will Soon Have Its 50th Indoor Ski Slope

China, known for its remarkable infrastructure and growing winter sports scene, is poised to reach a significant milestone this year with the...

Wildfire Threatens Yosemite’s Mariposa Grove (500 Giant Sequoias)

A wildfire in Yosemite National Park has led to the closure of the famed Mariposa Grove, home to over 500 giant sequoia trees....

Why Europe’s Tallest Peaks Are Getting More Deadly

Climate change has led to the rapid melting of glaciers, especially in the Alps. Since the 1890s, the glaciers on Mt. Blanc...

North Dakota’s Frost Fire Park Will Remain Closed For 2022/23 Ski Season

Frost Fire Park, a small ski area in Walhalla, North Dakota, will remain closed for the 2022/23 ski season. According to a...