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Swiss Glaciers Lose Half Their Mass in Past 85 Years

29th August 2022Switzerland has nearly half the total number of glaciers in the Alps. The melt rate is accelerating and they may...

What’s New in Verbier for Next Winter?

14th September 2022Verbier was voted the best ski resort in the world at the 2021 World Ski Awards.  PlanetSKI has asked the...

Park City Mountain Resort Parking Reservations Are Now On Sale

By Ian Wood | November 10, 2022 1:52 pm ET If you...

CLASSIC: Where Is Chad’s Gap?

Toy Soldier Productions‘ ‘Where Is Chad’s Gap?’ is a true classic. The video is eleven years old (which is like 150 years on the internet),...

VIDEO: New Level of Telemark Turn Unlocked

Sliding gloves have long been standard equipment for downhill skateboarders who want to save their palms while executing speed scrubbing powerslides but...