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VIDEO: Snowboarder On Cat Track Narrowly Escapes Avalanche

Close call for this unsuspecting snowboarder who nearly got clobbered by an avalanche release directly above the cat track he was traversing....

Brundage (Idaho) Opening For Summer With Mountain Biking & Skiing!

^Bluebird Express Lift, Main Street Trail at Brundage Mountain Resort Brundage Mountain Resort (Idaho) is offering a full slate of activities for guests to...

Watch What Happens When Diver Cracks Egg 45 Feet Underwater

Just stumbled across this interesting YouTube short from Shanger Danger. He shows what happens when you crack an egg at 45′ below...

WATCH: If You’re Gonna Get A Season Ending Injury, Make Sure It’s This Cool

Nobody ever wants to receive a season ending injury. No matter the time of year, spring Spring or Fall, it sucks. You...

Heavenly Auctioning Off North Bowl Chairs Today

Looking for a chance to purchase a historic ski chair? Another perk of Vail Resort’s Epic Lift Upgrade for the 2022-23 season is...