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Climbers Release Massive Rock In Oddly Satisfying Video

Dan Cohen and another unnamed individual were climbing the North Face of Mt. Stewart in Sequoia National Park a few years ago when...

DOCUMENTARY: Fascinating History of Swiss Guides In The Canadian Rockies

Really cool historical look at the role of Swiss Mountain Guides in the development of mountaineering tourism in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Swiss...

Hiking Trail In Mexico Takes Visitors On A Five Day Journey Through History

By nolandeck | September 17, 2022 10:00 am ET I don’t know...

New Survey Shows Lunchtime Is When Most Injuries Occur

31st August 2022The survey comes from New Zealand and shows that 30% of all injuries on the slopes happen around lunchtime. Tiredness...

Sending The World’s Longest Urban Downhill Track | La Paz, Bolivia

Wild scenes out of La Paz, Bolivia where Yannick Wende and Kilian Bron tag team the world longest urban downhill track. Follow along as they...