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How’s This For A Ski Party Trick?

If you take one look at this party trick by Nathan Taugwalder and say to yourself “no thank you I like my knees”...

Don’t Open The Door In ‘Condition 1’ Weather In Antarctica

McMurdo Station is the largest research facility on the entire continent of Antarctica. It lies on the bare volcanic rock of Hut...

Wild Mountain Adding First Chairlift in Forty Years

In 2023, Wild Mountain will make its most significant lift investment in decades. The Minnesota ski area announced Monday that they will replace...

Lets Go E-Bikes!

15th August 2022PlanetSKI’s Alf Alderson reports from the Tignes – Val d’Isere E-Bike Festival. Here are his thoughts on the event…NEWI’m not...

Start Your Day With Vintage East Coast Skiing Home Movie (1968)

The YouTube algorithm works in mysterious ways, but I’m glad it suggested the video below. It’s a compilation of home video clips recorded...