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VIDEO: Earthquake Triggered Avalanche Cloud Engulfs Upper Airstrip of Denali

“Getting kissed by a mountain.” Gnarly video from the upper airstrip of Denali where an expedition team got a healthy coating of snow after...

New Film Explores The Ski World Through The Eyes of 12-Year-Old Phenom

“With this sport and these crazy magic shoes I can pretty much go anywhere.” –Walker Woodring Fired up after watching Matchstick Productions freshly...

World’s First WakeSkate BASE Jump Sent From Rooftop Pool in Dubai

“Habibi, come jump through Dubai. Brian Grubb takes the plunge into the (very) deep end with this record-breaking WakeBASE from the world’s highest infinity pool.” –Address...

WATCH: Grizzly Kills Elk In Front Of Tourists

You never know what you’ll see when you visit Yellowstone National Park, but you can almost guarantee that you’ll see wild animals like...

European Heatwave Impacts the Alps & Pyrenees

23rd July 2023The high temperatures are taking their toll on the glaciers with record-breaking summer temperatures in parts of the mountains. Some...