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WATCH: Man Skis Within Feet Of Moose In-Bounds

It’s fairly common to see moose wandering around places like Steamboat Springs, Colorado, but seeing one in-bounds at the resort is an...

Tourist Gored, Killed By Bison In Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is reporting that a 25-year-old tourist from Ohio was killed by a bison on Monday, May 30th. The woman got within...

Vietnam Opens the Longest Glass-Bottom Bridge on the Planet

The Bach Long Bridge is the third glass bridge in Vietnam, but it holds a unique distinction. The Daily Mail reports that the...

Secrets To Getting Professional Level Follow Cam From “The Gimbal God”

Practical and tactical advice on how to the most out of your GoPro from one of the best filmers in the business, Spencer...

Part Fluid Dynamics, Part Magic…Hanging Ten Explained

“The noseride is one of surfing’s peak moments: part fluid dynamics, part magic. But how does noseriding actually work?” Whimsical subject matter...