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Canadian Man Builds Rope Tow From Old Lawnmower Bought On Facebook Marketplace

I’d like to make a nomination for Canadian of the year for this industrious fella out of Winnipeg, Manitoba who saw a YouTube...

100% launches brand-new snow goggle collection

All images: Courtesy of 100% Since the 1980s, 100% has been associated with the biggest brands in motocross. Now, the iconic logo is...

WNDR Alpine Predicts That the Future Will Run on Algae

Featured Image: Kevin Kinghorn Matt Sterbenz and Pep Fujas wanted to make freeskiing cool. They succeeded. For their next act, they’ve taken...

VIDEO: Bull Shark Snatches Fisherman’s Catch In Florida

An angler fishing off a dock in Florida had just about landed a nice looking tarpon but an opportunistic bull shark stepped in...

Surfers Launch Off 2-Ton Floating Dock That “Whips Like A Viper”

“Four of the world’s best surfers and one two-ton floating platform that “whips like a fucking viper.” You may remember the original Dock Surfing video...