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The 7 Worst Sounds To Hear On A Chairlift

Let’s be honest with ourselves. We’re all slightly afraid of chairlifts, right? Think about it. We’re riding a metal chair sometimes hundreds of feet above rocks,...

Henrik Harlaut’s “Zermatic” Feels Like A Low Budget Masterpiece

I’m not a park skier myself, and when I find myself watching ski edits/movies, they’re mainly focused on freeride skiing. With that said,...

VIDEO: World Record 102ft Norwegian Death Dive

“New World Record 31.3m Deathdive! Since deathdiving originated in Norway I figured a Norwegian should be the one to break the 30 meter...

[The Gear Closet] An in-depth look at ARVA’s 2023 safety equipment offerings 

ARVA has been designing and developing avalanche safety equipment for backcountry enthusiasts to safely explore the mountains for over 35 years. From avalanche...

Pro Skier Scores Powder In Turkey (Happy Thanksgiving)

Happy Thanksgiving friends! Here’s hoping your day is filled with delicious food, good friends, loving family, and not too many conversations about politics and...