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Epic Powder Alert! 2 Feet Of Dry Density Snow

EPIC ALERT- 2 FEET OF DRY DENSITY FRESHIES FOR SOME AREAS OF THE WEST! 03/08/2022 Summary:  Snow is falling over the mountains of Wyoming and...

July’s Skiing Snippets

1st July 2022– Spain Eases Border Rules for UK Travellers– What’s going on at SnowCamp Next Winter?– Fancy Heading to the Mountains...

Oblivious Tourist Approaches Elk For Close Up Picture (Watch)

Be prepared to cringe… Bull elk are extremely unpredictable during rutting season, and the guy in this video was practically asking to be gored...

Long live walkie talkies: A love letter to the tech we all oughta love

WORDS — Connor W. Davis Say what you will, but walkie talkies are the single-most important piece of technology in all of skiing....

Whitetail Deer Destroys Lingerie Store In Michigan

“Nature’s lingerie enthusiast making a surprise appearance. A deer came for a bra fitting and did some major damage! Everyone is ok but...