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Watch: Every Skier’s Worst Nightmare

Every backcountry skier and rider’s worst nightmare is getting caught in a serious avalanche, right? I don’t think that’s even debatable. The video...

This Amazon Delivery Man Delivers Packages on Skis

My only hope is that all of you are cheesing this hard while you’re at work. I mean, just look at this guy.  This...

News Flash: Week of November 24, 2023

“News Flash” is FREESKIER’s online column designed to keep you up-to-date with snippets of outdoor news you need to know about. This article...

10 Winter Sports Social Media Accounts Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

Do you like skiing and/or snowboarding? Do you like memes? If you answered no, then I’m not sure why you opened this article....

More Snow Set to Fall in the Alps

21st November 2022Another storm is on its way with more snow needed as winter approaches. NEWMore resorts opened in the Alps last...