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Alaskan Woman Flees From Incoming Rockslide (Intense)

@thedirtyexplorer is lucky to be alive. The TikTokker was in the middle of recording a video when she heard a massive rockslide starting...

Snowboarder Sues Whistler Over 26 Foot Fall Off Chairlift

Years after a viral video showed rescuers failing to catch a falling snowboarder from a chairlift, the victim is suing. The...

Killington’s K-1 Lodge Celebrates its Last Day Ever of Operations

Sunday marked the end of an era for Killington Resort. In order to complete the construction of their new K-1 lodge, their old...

WATCH: “Mama Bear & Cub Use My Pool”

“Occurred on July 2022 / Monrovia, California, USA Mama bear with the one cub come over to swim and keep cool. They are...

WATCH: Drunk Guy Makes Perfect Imprint Of Face In Snow

What does one do when another frigid storm dumps snow on your small town in rural Wisconsin? You go out drinking, and do...