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A Melting Glacier is Moving the Switzerland/Italy Border

“So, are we in Switzerland or in Italy?”- Frederic, 59-year-old tourist. One of the world’s largest ski resorts features runs in both Switzerland and...

VIDEO: Shredding Jackson Hole’s Last Patch of Snow

“Still more fun than walking down! Last turns of the summer yesterday, snows pretty much gone here.” And there we have it folks. It’s...

Eaglecrest, AK Facing Challenges With Newly-Acquired Gondola

697 shares By Ian Wood | October 26, 2022 12:04 pm ET ...

VIDEO: Montana Snowmobiler Shares Details of Backcountry Avalanche Experience

“For whoever’s going to watch this, see this, go get your training. Go spend the few bucks. Your snowmobile clubs put on...

Teen Diver Goes Viral For Absolutely Sending It! (Watch)

Zeke Sanchez might be my new favorite person on the internet. The teenager from the Phoenix area has gone viral after Sportscenter featured his...