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The Art & Science of Snowmaking Explained

“Snowmaking is a great combination of art and science.” –Joe Cummings As the mercury falls and ski resorts across the country start firing...

Student Skydiver Pulls Ripcord Through Harness Causing Bizarre Midair Malfunction

In the heat of the moment a student skydiver accidentally reached through his harness and pulled the ripcord causing a high altitude tangle...

Side Hit Session at Jackson Hole (Watch)

Who doesn’t love a good side hit session on a sunny spring day? The folks over at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort just dropped an...

WATCH: A Walk Around Whistler Village

By Ian Wood | October 19, 2022 9:34 am ET If you’ve...

Loon Mountain Summer Update: Seven Brothers and Mountain Biking

Loon Mountain Resort in Lincoln, New Hampshire wrapped up its season on April 17th, and it was certainly a historic one. The popular...