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First Washington Ski Resort Opens For The Season

This season so far has not been kind to the ski resorts in the Cascade Mountains. A lack of snowfall has made...

WATCH: Tesla AI Views Yellowstone Bison As Dog/Person Hybrid

Like it or not, self driving cars are here. They aren’t quite common yet but they’re getting more and more popular. Tesla’s...

Snowmobiler Outruns Avalanche On Foot (Watch)

Just stumbled across this crazy video from Noah McCallister on YouTube. It shows him outrunning a slab avalanche triggered by his friend on...

VIDEO: Minnesota Bear Wakes Up From Hibernation Looking For Easy Meal

“YOLO, you don’t even care huh. Holy Schnikes!” –Wildlife Biologist, Alexander Aman Wild video out of Redby, Minnesota where a wildlife biologist was...

VIDEO: Sit-Skier Crushes Pond Skim @ Big Sky Resort

With spring in the air and pond skim events being held at resorts across the country it’s a high time we member this...