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Keystone Announces November 1st Opening Day

Keystone has announced they are officially opening for the season this upcoming Wednesday, November 1. Skiers and riders can head up the River...

Two Elk Jacked Up On Testosterone Slam Into Moving Car (Watch)

Two bull elk were sparring in Estes Park, CO when their fight spilled into the middle of the road. Bull elk’s testosterone...

Outdoor Piano Concert Held At The Top of Mount Bachelor

Mt. Bachelor in Oregon once again welcomed Hunter Noack and his IN A LANDSCAPE: Classical Music in the Wild outdoor concert series...

Jesper Tjäder’s World-Record Rail Slide POV (Watch)

Jesper Tjäder broke Tom Wallisch’s world-record for longest rail slide earlier this year, and my mind is still blown. Tjäder slid 506 ft....

Out of Control Skier Launches Over Trail Into Dirt & Mud (Video)

Sometimes those late season turns can be a little more dangerous than you think, and this skier found that out the hard way. He...