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This 80+ Year Old Rides The Longest Skis In The World

Art Furrer debuted ‘The World’s Longest Skis’ in a sketch for a hidden camera show called ‘Verstehen Sie Spaß’, which translates to: ‘Do...

Idiot Californian Cyclist Attempts to Pass Bull on Rural Trail, Bad Idea

It’s important to remember that wildlife, especially large and potentially dangerous animals like bulls, should be respected and given space. It’s also...

FOR SALE: Hermon Mountain Ski Area in Maine ($5 Million)

“We’re hoping for somebody who is already running a lodge in the area will want to keep it running, as it is, or...

OnTheSnow Picks The Best U.S. Ski Towns To Live In

Are you trying to move to a great ski town? This week, OnTheSnow gave their picks for the best eleven United States...

Where Is The Best Value Lift Pass in Europe?

14th September 2023A survey has concluded it is the Dolomiti Superski are in Italy. It costs €0.31 per km of slope. We...