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VIDEO: Dad Teaches Life Lessons Taught Through Skateboarding

“Trying something new can be scary but re-trying something after slamming can be terrifying.” A clip of dad teaching his daughter to drop...

VIDEO: California Whale Watching Tour Gets Their Money’s Worth Big Time

“This was a very rare encounter and definitely not something we see every day, our vessel was in neutral at a complete...

Mount Snow Gives Construction Update for Two New High-Speed Lifts

Mount Snow in West Dover, Vermont is having a very busy offseason. The Sunbrook fixed-grip quad is being replaced with a high-speed four-person...

Why Meteorology Used To Be Considered Witchcraft

Meteorology is something we take for granted these days. Whether it’s storm chasing snow forecasts, planning outdoor gatherings around rain storms, or even...

Moose Attack Prompts Trail Closure Near Breckenridge, Colorado

A moose attack near Breckenridge, Colorado, has prompted the closure of the Campion Trail through Wednesday, June 1st, according to Colorado Parks &...