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Alaskan Town Celebrates Independence Day By Launching Cars Off Cliff (Watch)

^Hundreds of spectators show up to watch cars get launched off a cliff on the 4th of July. ‘MERICA! Welp. We just found our...

Thredbo Resort Commemorates 25th Anniversary of Landslide Disaster

122 shares By Ian Wood | August 9, 2022 10:41 am ET ...

Numerous New Zealand Ski Fields Are Now Open for the Season

Massive amounts of fresh snow in Oceania has led to great conditions for the start of their ski season. Snowfall of over one...

Sugar Bowl Resort Announces Multiple Week Ski Season Extension

Another ski resort has officially announced an extension to its ski resort, with Sugar Bowl Resort in California pushing its closing date...

Spectators Treated To Humongous Avalanche (Video)

Tourists to Oeschinen Lake in Switzerland were treated to a huge avalanche descending an adjacent mountain on February 27th, 2022. The video’s description does...