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That Time A Paraglider Got Tangled Up In A Chairlift Cable

“Third flight of the day at the same place, the sun has turned, I got distracted filming my shadow after takeoff… I was...

Camelback Resort Being Sued For Last Season’s Chairlift Incident

^Pin marks roughly where the incident occurred. A father and his two children were seriously injured last season when a chair they were riding...

WATCH: Schweitzer Brings Therapy To The Chairlift… In Seattle

I think I’d be a lot more likely to head to therapy if it happened on a ski lift. Skiing’s already a...

Black Diamond Collabs With Sitka For Gnarly Camouflage Snow Gear

I became aware of snowboarder John Jackson and his little brother Eric back in 2016, when YouTube began releasing their mini series The...

WATCH: What Happens When You Open The Window at -76°F

Yakutia (also known as Yakutsk), Russia is considered the the coldest city on earth. The average annual temperature is 16.2°F, and temperatures...