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High Marks For This Astronaut Shredding Sesh In Colorado

“One small carve for man, one giant shred for mankind!” Pretty clever marketing by PHOOZY Thermal Capsules who uses NASA technology in their world’s...

WATCH: Surfing Alaskan Steeps On 180cm Snowboard

How freaking cool is this monster 180cm snowboard made by Elevated Surf Craft, a collaborative community of shapers cultivated by the possibilities of exploring surf...

Look Ma, No Skis!

People who enjoy sliding in their boots are amongst a small subset of skiers that I find very intriguing. I’ve never tried it...

Philly Hosting Rail Jam Event This Weekend

The city of Brotherly Love is hosting its very own rail jam competition this weekend as part of the Summer Snow Day event...

VIDEO: This Surfing Recovery Is Beyond Belief

Honestly still wrapping my head around this surf clip from San Clemente, California.  How this dude was able to regain control seems...