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VIDEO: Seaplane Pilot Keeps Calm As Grizzly Bear Strolls Feet Away From His Passengers

Check out this Alaskan seaplane pilot that was cool as cucumber as a massive grizzly sauntered by his passengers in Katmai National...

Skier Illegally Deploys Paraglider At Small Ski Area (Video)

The video below shows a skier illegally deploying a paraglider wing on the slopes of Granite Peak Ski Area in Wausau, WI. Full...

Expert Skiers Unhappy With Jackson Hole’s Alta Chutes Blasting Proposal

A proposal to make the Alta Chutes at Jackson Hole more usable has drawn ire from expert skiers at the notoriously difficult...

VIDEO: World Famous Surfer Kai Lenny Triggers Avalanche In Alaska

Famed Hawaiian waterman Kia Lenny had a literal “OH SH*T” moment while snowboarding with Travis Rice after triggering an avalanche while riding...

Park City Residents Explain How They Successfully Appealed New Lifts

“The parking lots fill up before 8 a.m…Overflow parking was triggered 68 days last winter that we know of for certain, and there’s...