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“Employment Tinder” Hopes To Help Individuals Find Jobs In The Adventure Travel Industry

Looking to find a ski industry job so you can ski empty mid week powder days but not really sure where to...

VIDEO: Bear Cub High On “Mad Honey” Rescued In Turkey

Seeing animals intoxicated is almost always pretty sad. They’re usually pretty sick, extremely confused, and often very scared. BUT, seeing animals intoxicated if you...

VIDEO: The Unparalleled Kayaking Experience of The Rio Claro, Chile

“About as narrow, committing, and epic as it ever gets” Dane Jackson aka “that guy in the pink kayak” coming at you from outside Molina,...

WATCH: Mountain Biker Encounters Cougar On Trail

Mountain biker Steve Hoffman encountered a cougar while on the trail in Arcata Community Forest, CA. He captured the encounter and shared to...

Hiker Captures The Exact Moment A Volcano Erupts

I wish my spanish was a little better to understand what the guy filming this video is saying before the volcano erupts, but...