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“Snow-Scaping” Celebrating The Art of Trail Grooming

“The mountain is his canvas, the tiller is his paintbrush.” Tip of the cap to all the hardworking snowcat drivers around the world...

Were The UFO Sighting Over Winter Park Actually Real?

You might remember a few winters back that a number of locals in Winter Park reported mysterious crafts buzzing around the ski...

Off-Duty Firefighter Saves Man In Cardiac Arrest @ Oregon Ski Resort

Bend firefighter-paramedic, Tobias Carleton, was enjoying a day off on the slopes of Willamette Pass Ski Resort in Oregon when he came...

Yellowstone Tourist Sticks Crotch Inches from Wild Buffalo Face

In a recent incident at Yellowstone National Park, a visitor dangerously attempted to take a selfie just inches away from a majestic...

Colorado Isn’t a Rectangle, It Actually Has 697 Sides

According to Geography TikToker @uncovering_yt, it turns out that everything we thought we knew about basic geometry and U.S. Geography is incorrect....