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Thief Rams Truck Into Bike Shop, Steals $50k In E-Bikes

The Hanger 15 Bicycles shop in South Jordan, Utah is reporting that a lone thief rammed his truck into the store front...

VIDEO: Skier On Completely Empty Slope Ends Up Colliding With Cameraman

“Ohhh f*ck” Tough break for this skier/filmer duo in Sweden who somehow managed to collide on an otherwise empty slope while shooting some fairly...

The Alps Are Turning Greener But Native Plants Under Threat

3rd June 2022A new report says the melting ice, diminishing snowpack & rising temperatures means non-native plant species are growing in the...

WATCH: The History of The Zamboni

CBS Saturday Morning ran a great piece last weekend describing one of the most beloved machines in all of winter sports: the Zamboni....

Explained: How Jeeps Can Climb Near 90-Degree Rock Walls

We’ve all seen videos of Jeeps climbing extremely steep rock walls, right? The videos are usually filmed somewhere in the American west, and showcase...