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Snowbasin Resort Announces Its Earliest Opening Ever

By Ian Wood | November 14, 2022 2:53 pm ET Recent snowfall...

VIDEO: Bull Wreaks Havoc @ Russian Ski Resort

Couple wild videos from the slopes of Rosa Khutor Ski Resort in Russia where a bull was filmed charging around slopes, terrorizing...

VIDEO: Bear Cub High On “Mad Honey” Rescued In Turkey

Seeing animals intoxicated is almost always pretty sad. They’re usually pretty sick, extremely confused, and often very scared. BUT, seeing animals intoxicated if you...

VIDEO: Skier’s Crash Sends Him Flying Into Air

I’ve watched this video a solid 10-15 times and I still can’t understand what happened. I’ll try my best to break it down,...

‘Animal Whisperer’ Tries To Feed Bison (Watch)

Here’s the description of the video you’re about to watch (keep scrolling to watch it embedded below): “This is my friend Thomas trying...