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Arizona Snowbowl Shuts Down Due to Pipeline Fire

While floods are affecting parts of the Western United States, wildfires are raging in Arizona, California, and New Mexico. In Arizona, the Pipeline...

Japan May Further Relax Covid Border Restrictions Ahead of Ski Season

12th September 2022Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Seiji Kihara told local TV the cap on daily entries could be lifted in the “not...

New Survey Shows Lunchtime Is When Most Injuries Occur

31st August 2022The survey comes from New Zealand and shows that 30% of all injuries on the slopes happen around lunchtime. Tiredness...

WATCH: Clouds ‘Waterfall’ Over Mountains Near Banff

An absolutely stunning scene was captured by a traveler to Banff, Alberta recently. They used their camera to record a timelapse of clouds...

VIDEO: Snowboarder Climbs Tree To Evade Angry Moose

“Backcountry riding and we were on a pump track to get back inbounds. Saw signs of a moose, unstrapped and started walking...