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Melting Glaciers Reveal Human Remains

10th August 2022Two bodies have been found in separate sites in Switzerland as the glaciers recede under high summer temperatures.  It follows...

The Environmental Reason Why Fjällräven Doesn’t Use GORE-TEX

While GORE-TEX is popular among outdoor clothing brands for its protection against wetter weather, it’s an environmental hazard. GORE-TEX is breathable, waterproof, light,...

WATCH: How A Timed Entry Reservation System Saved Arches National Park

Since the start of the pandemic, visitation to National Parks in the United States has skyrocketed. This has caused some of the most...

WATCH: Epic Drone Footage Of Kayaking Down Micro Gorge

Strap in as Senders takes us on a video-game-esque follow-cam of him kayaking down a ‘micro-gorge’, and it’s absolutely beautiful. Drones are so damn...

VIDEO: National Guard Airlifts Crashed Blackhawk Helicopter From Snowbird

276 shares By nolandeck | March 17, 2022 4:36 pm ET ...