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WWII Frontlines Nurse Celebrates 100th Birthday Skydiving Over Florida

“I had never done it, and I’ve done a lot of things in 100 years so I thought I must do it while...

WATCH: Two Bull Moose Battle While Elk Observes From A Distance

Sometimes, the wildest battles aren’t fought with guns, swords, or fists, but with antlers, hooves, or paws. Elk, deer, bears, and more....

Winter Paralympics GB Squad Announced

23rd February 2022ParalympicsGB has confirmed one of the biggest British teams ever to compete at a Paralympic Winter Games with the announcement...

Bolton Valley’s Founder Tells Story of Plowing Stuck Cars Up Access Road

By Ian Wood | February 24, 2022 12:05 pm ET Since Ralph DesLauriers...

Hunter Shoots At Charging Grizzly (Intense Video)

To say this is an intense video is a dramatic understatement… Hunter Fred Eichler, who runs a popular YouTube channel, was recording as his...