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VIDEO: Pit Bike Rider Mini-Loop Attempt Goes Wrong

“Well this weekend was one I’m sure will be talked about for a while.. I’m in one piece just a little banged up...

WATCH: Skier Narrowly Escapes Massive Avalanche in French Alps

Unfortunately I don’t parle français so the dialogue is lost on me but judging by the chairlift in the early part of this...

Learn How To Use Your Bear Spray With This Awesome Demonstration

243 shares By Nolan Deck | June 28, 2023 1:54 pm ET ...

Nevada Ski Resort Announces Terrain Expansion

“This is an investment in Lee Canyon’s guest experience. The Ponderosa chair will allow guests to access popular trails more easily, while...

Free Climber Takes Nasty Spill Scrambling Up Alaskan Hillside (Don’t Worry, He’s Okay)

“Damn that hurt!” –Jon Bruss Gnarly free climbing fall by self-described “Crazy Alaskan” Jon Bruss who lost his grip while climbing without the aid...