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Gold Medalist From Michigan’s Upper Peninsula Given Heroic Welcome Home

Nick Baumgartner was given the hometown hero’s welcome last night in Iron City, Michigan. Baumgartner nabbed a gold medal in Mixed Team Snowboard Cross...

Top 5 Mountain-Friendly Dog Breeds: Find Your Perfect Adventure Companion

When considering dog breeds for people living in mountainous regions, it’s important to choose breeds that can thrive in such environments. Here...

PSA: Don’t Be Like These Dumb*sses At Yellowstone (Watch)

Yellowstone National Park does an excellent job of placing signage to warn guests abut the extremely dangerous thermal areas of the park....

Lake Tahoe Cars “Bloom” As Massive Snowpack Melts

“I have to admit yes, it is kinda mind boggling.” -Howie Nave Nothing says springtime in Tahoe like the blooming of cars....

VIDEO: Skiing Through Claustrophobia Inducing Tunnel In Vermont

If you suffer from claustrophobia you may want to skip this one because Vermont skier Mike Hayes found a little tunnel on ...