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The REAL Deadliest National Park Is Never Talked About

Nestled in the heart of the rugged Alaskan wilderness, Denali National Park stands as a symbol of untamed beauty and raw natural...

Netflix Co-Founder Invests $100m in Powder Mountain

11th September 2023Reed Hastings is now the majority shareholder in Powder Mountain in Utah and is investing $100m. It is one of...

Father & Son Caught In Avalanche Did Just About Everything Wrong (Video)

The video below should be an example of what not to do when you’re skiing the backcountry. I’ll let you read the video’s...

Canadian Man Builds Rope Tow From Old Lawnmower Bought On Facebook Marketplace

I’d like to make a nomination for Canadian of the year for this industrious fella out of Winnipeg, Manitoba who saw a YouTube...

Famous Great Smoky Mountain Could Be Renamed

“We’ve obviously been through a lot of heartache and hurt. What we are trying to put out there now is how Cherokee names...