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Couple On Train in Colorado Captured Footage Of What Is Beleved To Be Bigfoot

During a recent train journey across Colorado’s picturesque landscapes, a couple unexpectedly found themselves at the heart of a folk tale. They believe...

Gore Mountain Names New Run

One of the best skiing nooks in all of the Northeast is getting a new ski run this season. Gore Mountain announced...

Jackson Wells brings new creativity to spring riding in ‘Hiatus’

Jackson Wells has been a long time face in the ski world alongside his talented brothers. In Hiatus we watch the bow-slinger straight...

Big Sky Announces New Tram to Lone Peak Summit, Gondola Coming By 2025

Big Sky Resort has just released one of the most ambitious ski resort development plans in modern history. The plans are being called ‘The...

Crash Reel From Faction’s ‘Roots’ Is Hilarious (Watch Here)

Everybody loves a good crash reel, right? Warren Miller was probably one of the first ski filmmakers to actually show people falling, and it...