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Sit-Ski World Record Attempt

24th September 2023A group of skiers with a disability are aiming to claim the world record for the furthest skied using seated...

America’s Only Summer Ski Area Sets Opening Date

This article was originally published by Unofficialnetworks.com. Read the original article here.

Watching Slow Motion Cross Country Carnage Is Absolutely Mesmerizing

I had no clue just hypnotizing watching amateur cross country ski racers eating sh*t is. I got through the entire 7 minutes no...

VIDEO: Alaskan Seaplane Pilot Narrowly Avoids Breaching Whale

“Holy f*ck. He damn near landed on that f*cking whale!” Quality bit of last second maneuvering by this seaplane pilot on the approach to...

Is This The World’s Hardest Ski Run?

***Trigger Warning: If VW Beetle sized moguls give you anxiety don’t watch*** Depends on your definition of hardest but Le Pas de Chavanette, also...