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Parasnowsports Set to Come Under Governance of FIS

27th March 2022The International Ski Federation, FIS, and the International Paralympic Committee, IPC, are in discussions about the issue. NEWThe two organisations...

[The Gear Closet] A closer look at K2’s 2022-23 Mindbender Ti collection

K2 has been a stalwart in the freeride sector of skiing since before the discipline was ever given a name. The Kirschner brothers...

WATCH: Close Encounter With Grizzlies Sprinting On Alaskan Footpath

“I was hiking to Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park when I heard loud footsteps coming down the trail. I looked up and...

Ethan Swadburg takes Big Sky by storm in episode one of ‘Fire it up’

The Swadburgerlar is back and better than ever. In this first episode of his new series, adequately titled ‘Fire it up’, the man...

“Safe Skatepark” Opens In Britain Utilizing Harness In Halfpipe

The use of airbags have ushered in a tidal wave of progression across action sports. Offering lower consequence landings, they give athletes...