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Cross Country Skier Bloodied After Taking Ski Pole To The Face

Gnarly day on course for US cross country team skier Jesse Diggins who battled through adversity to finish second at the 20km freestyle...

Elan Skis Just Dropped A Ski Anthem That’s Hilariously European

“Snow time of year is here so have no fear.” Just found my new favorite ski song and it comes straight out of...

WATCH: McKenna Peterson Shares BTS Look At New Film

Karl Fostvedt’s (@crazy_karl) new film ‘Brap Ski 2’ is set debut later this month. I’ve been trying to glean as much as...

Skiing with the Gods of Delphi, Sea-to-Summit Expedition in Greece

“Looking back on his adventure, Benedikt compares Mount Parnassos to places like Mount Fuji in Japan or several places in the Himalayas. There...

NOAA: 2023 / 2024 Winter Weather Forecast

NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, provides valuable winter weather predictions that help individuals, businesses, and communities prepare for the upcoming...