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Reckless Snowboarder Slams Into Novice Skier (Watch)

I woke up this morning and decided it would be fun to get the internet all fired up about a skier vs snowboarder...

Comedian Bert Kreischer Shares His Disc Golf Obsession With Joe Rogan (Watch)

Bert Kreischer gets it. He gets disc golf. For that reason, he’s now one of my favorite comedians. Yeah. It’s that simple to...

VIDEO: Diver Lucky To Be Alive After Incredibly Stupid Jump

If this dude was a cat he’d be down to 8 lives after this incredibly close call.  Thinking he’s walking away with...

Historical moments from X Games Aspen 2023

Featured image: Joshua Duplechian/X Games It’s the competition we wait for all year. The bright lights, big names and even bigger jumps. There’s...

Turkish People of The Kaçkar Mountains Have Been Snowboarding For 300 Years

The folks in the Kaçkar Mountains of Turkey have been riding white waves since before we signed the declaration of independence. Follow Alex Yoder...