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Midwest Guy Skis Colorado For First Time (Hilarious)

I’ve lived in Wisconsin for four years now, and I confidently say that I’ve had at least 10 people tell me a very...

Alpine Glaciers Set for Highest Ice Loss in 60 Years

12th August 2022The summer heatwaves in Europe are having a significant impact with glaciers shrinking sharply. This year is when many have...

Maine’s Best Skier Thinks Tahoe’s Glades Are Sparse “Chainsaws Mustah Been Hungry”

Donny Pelletier doesn’t need G.N.A.R. points to incentivize establishing himself as best skier on the mountain. He just shows up, points them downhill...

Did You Know Germany Has A Sand Ski Hill?

Well ladies and gentlemen, I’m feeling very blessed that the almighty algorithm delivered me this gem of information this morning. Let me explain. I...

Ski Resorts Around Queenstown in New Zealand Claim Bumper Winter

24th October 2022It has been a tale of two islands in New Zealand this winter. The South Island has claimed a record...