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Why Double Flips Should Be Allowed In Mogul Skiing

Mogul skiing was one of the first ‘freestyle’ disciplines in FIS history. The competition was a huge hit because it blended exciting aerials...

WATCH: Snowboarder & His Dog Explore Abandoned Colorado Ski Resort

Out of all of the abandoned ski resorts in Colorado, Geneva Basin is among the most interesting. First opened back in 1963,...

WATCH: Couple’s Classy Waltz On Skis

Is ski ballet trying to make a comeback? The video below shows two skiers performing the Waltz while skiing down a mild slope...

Sun Peaks Resort Announces New West Bowl Chairlift

Since 2020, the West Bowl at Sun Peaks Resort has been without a lift. The West Bowl T-Bar reached the end of...

Artist Creates Second Wood Troll In Colorado

Danish artist Thomas Dambo is currently on a road trip across the US to create 10 new wood trolls. Dambo’s most famous...