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PlanetSKI Hits the Road to Go Spring Skiing in California

15th May 2023There has been so much snow in the US state that some resorts have plentiful snow and have extended their...

North Dakota Ski Area Fundraising After Sustaining Significant Flood Damage

Frost Fire Park, located in Walhalla, North Dakota, is a modest ski area/mountain bike park by American standards, but it’s a vital source...

VIDEO: This Cork Zero Ski Trick Is Aerial Sorcery

The name for this trick is up for discussion but at the end of the day Leo Landroe took off switch, landed...

Bogus Basin Adding New Trails For The 2022-23 Season

By Ian Wood | October 26, 2022 1:39 pm ET “Our team...

Hilarious Drunk Skier Spotted At Palisades Tahoe Closing Day (Watch)

Ummm can somebody please check up on this guy? It’s been two days since Palisades Tahoe closed for the season, but I’m seriously concerned...