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Palisades Tahoe Was Closed Today Due To Too Much Snow

Palisades Tahoe (CA) got absolutely slammed by a winter storm that dumped over 100 inches of snow over the last seven days. It’s...

VIDEO: Above Treeline Adventure Snowboarding In Japan

Ask anyone about riding in Japan and you’ll probably get a similar response…sick trees, great snow, incredible culture. What you probably won’t...

A Melting Glacier is Moving the Switzerland/Italy Border

“So, are we in Switzerland or in Italy?”- Frederic, 59-year-old tourist. One of the world’s largest ski resorts features runs in both Switzerland and...

Just When You Think There’s No New Skateboard Tricks This Dude Breaks Your Mind

Granted a bunch of these are only possible through bizarre contraptions no doubt assembled first in the mind of a creative genius...

The Funniest Ski Patrol Confrontation of All-Time (Video)

This video has it all. A raggedy-looking, fake MAGA hat-wearing (I think it says MAKE AMERICA VAPE AGAIN), hooligan in his mid-20s sprays snow...