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The First Ski Lift In Tahoe Was A Boat…?

Did you know that the first mechanized lift used in California was made out of a boat-like sled that ferried skiers up...

New Zealand’s Coronet Peak Celebrates 75th Year of Operations

Very cool look back at the history of New Zealand’s Coronet Peak through the eyes of Queenstown local Jules Tapper. Growing up in...

VIDEO: Construction Worker Messing With Bear Nearly Gets Swiped

Ya know that old saying “don’t poke the bear?” Well, I’m guessing this worker in Tennessee hadn’t heard that one and nearly took a...

Bull Elk Scares Pesky Tourists (Watch)

Approaching an elk at anytime of the year is a bad idea, but especially during the fall when they’re in rut. That...

Tamarack Resort Catches a Hail Mary with Boise State Football

Lead Photo Credit: Tamarack Resort This weekend, Idaho’s Tamarack Resort is set to drop back and toss a Hail Mary. Their partner on...