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Skydivers Forced to Jump From Doomed Plane After Mid-Air Collision

Video of skydivers forced to jump from a doomed airplane after a plane crashed with another aircraft in mid-air. Recently footage...

Life Hack: Glue Eyes To Your Helmet To Prevent Cougar Attacks

Got a neat little life hack for those of you that enjoy cycling or mountain biking in areas inhabited by bears and...

Freeride World Tour Pros Show What’s Possible At Snowbird (Watch)

Snowbird has a huge range of terrain that the general public can access fairly easily, and that’s one of the many reasons...

British Guy Farts On Gondola (Hilarious Video)

Just stumbled across this hilarious video that was posted back in 2014.  My guess is that the YouTube algorithm noticed my recent...

Big Sky Resort Reveals New ‘Double Blue’ Run On Updated Trail Map

Big Sky Resort in Montana has released its new trail map, which includes a number of double blue square runs. Why do...