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VIDEO: YouTuber “Hit By Lightning” While Doing Gear Review In Florida Everglades

“I got hit by lightning while filming in the Everglades in Florida.” –Forrest Galante Hair-raising moment caught on camera as wildlife biologist Forrest...

WATCH: The Faction Collective’s ‘ALTA’ Highlights The Fun In Skiing (And Monoskiing)

Ski movies and ski edits seem to very rarely bring their athletes to the resorts. They focus on the massive backcountry lines,...

Climber Cheats Death By Self-Arresting On Dangerous Slope (Watch)

Winter hiking definitely comes with its own set of dangers. Particularly, the fact that you could slide endlessly down a slick icy...

British Skiers & Snowboarders Make Sporting History

21st February 2023 | Jane Peel, Chief ReporterEvery single ski and snowboard discipline under the GB Snowsport banner has now delivered a...

How To View Other Resorts From These Colorado Skiing Destinations

Did you know that you can see another ski resort from every ski area in Summit County, Colorado? I like to think of...