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This 80+ Year Old Rides The Longest Skis In The World

Art Furrer debuted ‘The World’s Longest Skis’ in a sketch for a hidden camera show called ‘Verstehen Sie Spaß’, which translates to: ‘Do...

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Famous Billboard On The Top Of Teton Pass Removed

“I think I might come up and handcuff myself to it when they’re trying to take it down to try and stop...

Climber Cheats Death By Self-Arresting On Dangerous Slope (Watch)

Winter hiking definitely comes with its own set of dangers. Particularly, the fact that you could slide endlessly down a slick icy...

WATCH: Moose Attacks Immediately After Being Freed From Entanglement

Children can be so ungrateful. One minute you’re rescuing them from certain death in a fence, and the next minute, they’re trying...