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The New Zealand Ski Season Has Officially Begun

While the ski season in Northern Hemisphere has mostly concluded, the party has just gotten started in the Southern Hemisphere. Mt. Hutt...

Montana Ski Area Opens For the First Time All-Season

By Ian Wood | February 28, 2022 11:08 am ET “Last week it...

Rogue Dust Devil Slams Paraglider Into Tree (Video)

A rogue dust devil caught this paraglider by surprise. It seemingly appears out of nowhere, picks the paraglider up, slams him into a...

Tamarack Resort Offers Free Lift Tickets For Epic and Ikon Passholders

Tamarack Resort, ID is offering two free lift tickets to any skier and snowboarder holding valid 2021/22 EPIC or IKON season passes. The...

Aspen Skico Announces Season Extensions For Two Mountains

Two Aspen Skico mountains will see a week long season extension this year, thanks to above average snowfalls for every month since...