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WATCH: Mount Washington Records Record Wind Chill As Speeds Reach 120mph+

Mount Washington recorded the coldest temperatures in the United States this past weekend, with wind chill bringing the mountain’s peak down to -108°F...

FOR RENT: A Medieval Castle At Schweitzer Resort ($609 A Night)

316 shares By Ian Wood | November 29, 2022 11:57 am ET ...

VIDEO: Wingsuiter Skims Dam & Narrowly Climbs Over Retaining Wall

“This is Brendan Weinstein, a 29 yr old wingsuit pilot, the mountain Brendan is flying down is Le Pleureur, located in Switzerland,...

Rise in Injuries on the Piste

3rd March 2023Up to 100 people per day are being admitted to one hospital in Grenoble, France, due to skiing accidents. People...

WATCH: Woman Takes Up Surfing At 70, Finds Friendship & Purpose In The Water

“It’s interesting that when women hit their 50s, we run the risk of feeling invisible, of disconnecting from society, or sometimes, even...