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VIDEO: Snowboarder Chased By Plow In Dramatic Jump Sequence

French Olympic gold medal winning snowboard cross racer Pierre Vaultier has made quite a name for himself outside of competition with viral...

VIDEO: Paul Rudd Shares 100% Fabricated Story About Skiing in Switzerland

Enjoy this flawless telling of a completely fabricated story about the time Paul Rudd was stuck on a gondola with 11 strangers...

VIDEO: Fisherman Gets Face Full of Ink After Pulling Up Squid

“It’s gonna spray us.” Kudos to the precision aim by this squid who delivered a well place ink blast after getting brought up by...

Fire Breaks Out At Brundage Mountain Resort, ID Overnight

Brundage Mountain Resort, located near McCall, Idaho, took to social media last night to ask guests to avoid the area as a...

Moronic Influencer Hits Golf Ball Into The Grand Canyon

By Ian Wood | October 31, 2022 10:25 am ET What happens...