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This Has Gotta Be The World’s Tiniest Snowboard

Can’t find this pint-sized snowboard by Airblaster for sale (might have been a one-off or aftermarket mod) but it looks a hoot if you’re...

WATCH: Skier Takes Brutal Fall During Olympic Halfpipe Competition

Ben Harrington is going to be feeling this one in the morning. The skier from New Zealand suffered a disastrous crash during the men’s...

Pro Skateboarder’s Clever Solution To Spirit Airlines $89 Luggage Fee

“That was unnecessary sir.” Kudos to pro skater Shaun Hover who found a creative workaround to avoid Spirit Airlines $89 hand fee for...

Earthly remedies for unusual problems: FREESKIER’s Dr. Herb Cureall has the antidote

Whether we like to admit it or not, skiers experience all kinds of woes. It could be sore legs and achy feet from...

Multiple Parties Are Interested In Bidding For Jay Peak

By Ian Wood | August 22, 2022 12:25 pm ET “There are...