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VIDEO: San Diego Paddle Boarders Approached By Great White Shark

“Sometimes the White Sharks are confidently curious. Usually self preservation always comes first. This is more rare, intentionally approaching head on, and...

Brutal Beach Brawl Breaks Out At The US Open of Surfing

Last weekend, what was supposed to be the US Open of Surfing turned into an unfortunate spectacle of violence, earning it the...

VIDEO: Just Watching Ski Mountaineering Training Makes Me Out Of Breath

This uphill treadmill used for ski mountaineering training looks absolutely diabolical.  Would be pretty cool have a machine like this in the basement...

[DEEP DIVE] Nordica Unlimited Series Review

Feature image: Jeff Cricco No matter if you’re lapping the lifts or exploring beyond the resort’s ropes, Nordica believes there is truly no...

City & Ski on PlanetSKI’s French Road Trip

3rd April 2022 | Jane Peel, Grenoble & ChamroussePlanetSKI is on the last stage of a mini road trip visiting three lesser-known...